“Oh yay! Another recruitment agency!”

– We know…most of you guys think we’re the worst. And we don’t blame you.


But at Love Monday we like to think we’re doing things differently – dare we say better??? We do this by communicating with and working in a way that suits you, instead of the way every other recruiter does.

Our ‘paperwork’ is one short online form. We think testing for the sake of testing is a waste of time – so we only do it when a client asks (they almost never do). And we know it’s really f*cking awkward trying to get out of work to meet people about new jobs – so you can catch up with us online at flexible times of the day or week, from wherever suits you.

In addition, we feel a strong sense of social responsibility – so every time we make a placement, we give back to New Zealand through Love Giving and this is very much driven by the candidates we place. 

All of this means we give our candidates the best chance of finding a killer role, and our amazing clients access to the best people in their space.

Sound good?

A modern recruiter is one who is targeted, builds relationships and knows how to not only find candidates, but also get them to respond. - Stacy Donovan Zapar - Founder, The Talent Agency & Tenfold