You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow – Eminem (2002)

Recently Love Monday made our first foray into the relatively new world of Facebook Jobs. It’s been an interesting experience from a recruiter point of view. We had a reasonable level of engagement considering it is (at the moment) a free resource for businesses. But unlike the old faithfuls of SEEK and TradeMe Jobs, it is distinctly lacking in the level of attention to detail from applicants which will see you have any success on your job search.

We’ve put together a few pointers to help you on your way.

Your Profile Pic

Have a serious think about this one guys, be smart. Unlike SEEK and TradeMe, or any other job portal, us recruiters get direct access to your Facebook profile. This puts you firmly in the crosshairs for bias. Don’t make your profile photo one of you with a shitty Snapchat filter on. Recruiters and hiring managers have no desire to look at you in cartoon glasses, wearing stupid dog ears or with the face of a baby deer. Make it clear, ideally make it of you– as opposed to your cat, and make it appear that you have the credibility to succeed in the workplace.

Your Contact Details

This is actually a useful tip beyond just Facebook. Get a grown-up email address, and use it for job correspondence, like one that uses your actual name. Nothing with ‘xoxo’ in it, nothing which uses nicknames, and no dumb handles like ‘lilcutee’. It’s not cute, and it’s a red flag about how credible and professional you are. You don’t need to change your Facebook log in, you just need to type the address we use to contact you on the quick apply screen.

Work Experience/Education

This info all pulls through from your profile. Some people don’t put their jobs on their Facebook, and that’s fine. But f*cking enter SOMETHING on the quick apply page. Don’t leave it as ‘Head Elf at Hobbiton’. Delete that shit immediately! It’s such a simple way to create a quick and simple resume overview. All you need to do it is edit the row, and you can add a title, dates and a little blurb about what you did there. If you’re super lazy and applying for multiple jobs from your phone, write it in your notes and paste it in each time. Don’t just send whatever bullshit you happen to have on there. You’re applying for a job, this is f*cking crucial to your chances of success. Same goes for Education. Get it in there and make the most of the space you have to sell yourself.

Your Public Profile/Facebook Data Policy

Once you’ve taken the 5 minutes it takes to add in the above, before you hit send, pause and read the little blurb below. Facebook is WARNING YOU! Listen to them!

By clicking Send, Future Employer/Recruiter will receive your application, which will be used to consider you for this job. When you contact them in Messenger, Future Employer/Recruiter will see your public information on Facebook.

Have a read of the Data Policy, and understand if you don’t already, that sometimes the things you share/post/say online are publicly visible, i.e. not just visible to your friends on Facebook. Using real life examples of the last week – we don’t want to know how good your p***y is, how much you hate immigrants, your family dramas or how much you love weed. Lock the visibility on that shit DOWN.

*Bonus Tip* – If you go to the desktop version of your profile, beside Activity Log on your Cover Photo, you’ll see three dots. Click on them and you can select ‘View As’. This will show you what the public (i.e. recruiters) see, and there will be stuff there you didn’t realise the world had access to.

Happy Facebook job hunting – don’t f*ck it up *thumbs up*