We’re aware of the general consensus.

Recruiters don’t listen, they’re pushy, send candidates who aren’t right for your needs and only care about getting their fee.

So, how are we any different?

  • Love Monday only partner with clients whose values and culture align with ours, and the candidates we engage with
  • We get to know you and only present people we believe are right for you, instead of anyone who’s bullet points loosely match your job description
  • We recruit for you proactively, using a network focused approach. We look for and are engaging with good people for your business, all the time. Not just throwing over the pick of who we’ve seen this week
  • Our fee remains the same,  regardless of the salary or any additional benefits you provide
  • To guarantee our commitment to getting it right, if your employee doesn’t stick around for at least 12 months, we’ll replace them free of charge
  • We represent your hard earned reputation and image positively by giving back to New Zealand, every time we make a placement for you

And the things we don’t do?

  • Operate using baseless KPI’s or sales targets. No more weekly harassment for ‘coffee’ so we can tick boxes on our 1-1’s
  • Penalise you with higher fees for offering your employees a better salary, or package
  • Make you pay for other things you don’t need or want *cough* testing *cough*

A recruitment agency is a reflection of your brand and culture in the market. Don’t you want to work with one who does that well?

If you’re interested to see how we could positively impact your team and hiring process, then get in touch today for an informal chat. No sales, no bullshit – just results.