The situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing. The action of working with someone to produce something.

As a growing start up business it’s been important to acknowledge that to allow Love Monday to compete with the big boys and girls, collaboration needs to be a real thing.

Our aim for the business is to be known to provide great 360 recruitment, but for us to do bigger things, there were three key factors to consider.

–  We won’t be working in the temp market

–  We don’t have the experience/background to deliver in-depth HR project services to clients without in house teams

–  We want to provide interview and resume services for candidates, but unless we charge for it, this can only be done on a fairly basic level, as to do it well takes time (away from what we’re paid for)

So to address these factors, collaboration is our solution.

Recruitment is full of bullshitters, we know a lot of you think that way. We know that nothing clarifies what you bring to the table more than when you’re forced to articulate your competencies. Collaborating challenges you to elaborate on the things you are great at, but also to admit those at which you aren’t – be it due to skill set, time or focus. Knowing what your clients may need something above and beyond what you can provide is intuitive and shows dedication to the longer term relationship over a quick buck. Finding them people you know can do what you are unable to (well) is a great value add.

In addition to this, there is an old adage, “two heads are better than one”. This saying has been around for centuries for good reason. More effective problem solving happens when you combine resources in talent, experience, finances and infrastructure. Sharing and leveraging those resources means that your reach to new opportunities increases and re-energises the connection you have with established relationships. By collaborating, your business is part of a bigger picture, and there is huge benefit to this for all parties.

Lastly, collaboration is putting your name, publicly to a relationship with someone else. You are trusting them to be an extension of your brand, to engage with your hard-earned clients and trusting them to value those relationships and provide the same level of service you would yourself. In turn, the faith your clients and candidates have in you is solidified through effective collaboration. You are proving yourself as someone who can think ahead, do due diligence on their behalf and save them valuable time in doing so themselves to provide seamless solutions for their needs.

We realise that we’re in a relationship led business, so collaborating with other complimentary organisations is the best way for us to serve our clients and candidates needs more thoroughly.

Love Monday currently work in partnership with two closely aligned businesses –

For clients, The People Place is owned by Nat Milne and they deliver tailored People & Culture and Recruitment Projects to small to medium NZ businesses.

For candidates, It’s All About You which is owned by Hannah Palmer, is a CV review service is designed to assist everyone from school leavers to senior executives with producing a CV that makes them stand out from the crowd. They can also provide assistance with LinkedIn pages and provide in depth interview coaching.

We are always keeping an eye out and an open mind as to which other companies we can engage with which will not only add value to what we do, but also enrich the experience for our clients and candidates.

If you are a business in Auckland, and you feel we could work together to achieve any of the objectives mentioned above, or any we haven’t mentioned, get in touch today and we’ll have a coffee and a chat!

Does your business engage collaboratively for any purpose? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Monday!