At Love Monday we have an initiative called Love Giving. Hopefully you’ve already seen what it is, but if not, take a look!

What it basically means is that we donate 10% of all our fees to a handful of New Zealand charities. The candidate who wins each role will choose who that money goes to from our annual list of partners.

We could have gone with one, or two. However, people hold different causes close to their hearts. For this reason, we decided to work with a small variety which we see as important, and adapt from there.


For 2018/2019 Love Giving has partnered with:


Shine provides a range of effective, practical and innovative services to achieve our mission to stop domestic abuse in New Zealand. We directly help thousands of adult and child victims every year to become safe and stay safe through our front line services, and we indirectly help thousands more every year through professional training programs, our DVFREE workplace program, and our health sector partnerships.

Shine works closely with a number of Government agencies, community organisations and businesses to achieve our goals more effectively and stretch our limited dollars much further, 



Kidsline is a long running service of Lifeline Aotearoa, a registered not-for profit counselling organisation. With over 70 telephone counsellors (Buddies) run by a supervision and training team and overseen by the Kidsline Manager. Kidsline counsellors and staff work within Kidsline’s values.

Kidsline is New Zealand’s original telephone counselling service for all kids up to 18 years of age. We are uniquely about kids being there for other kids – we are the only national child helpline in the world where every counsellor is a secondary school student.


Surf Life Saving New Zealand Inc. (SLSNZ) is the charity representing 74 Surf Life Saving Clubs in New Zealand. Around 15000 people are members of SLSNZ. The main purpose of SLSNZ is “Protecting our community in the water.”

Surf Sport has a long and proud history within Surf Life Saving. Surf Sport plays a significant role in ensuring that our members have the ability and passion to meet the changing environment within which Surf Life Saving delivers its essential lifesaving service..


Our Seas Our Future is a 100% volunteer-run, non-profit marine conservation organisation based in Aotearoa. OSOF currently operates based on a volunteer-driven model, focusing on coastal and marine conservation, environmental education, and community engagement projects. 

We are all stewards of our marine environment, and how we treat our environment now will shape the world we are living in tomorrow; the health of our seas is intertwined with our future.


Love Soup is a not-for-profit who operate with bases in Hibiscus Coast, Rotorua and Tokoroa. Our goal is to alleviate hunger & poverty by soliciting, collecting, growing, and packaging food for distribution through a network of service agencies and programs that serve our target population groups. 

We provide food for the homeless, 7 days a week, as well as supporting low-income people, mainly families & elderly, who need emergency help to put food on the table.


Paw Justice was formed in 2009 to help deal with the sickening problem of animal abuse and neglect against pets in New Zealand. Such abuse has grown at alarming rates. Animals are suffering and dying at the hands of callous humans who think they can get away with it. 

We are pulling every resource we can find, welcoming every supporter, and working together with other like minded New Zealanders to stop this violence against innocent animals. 


Love Monday truly hope our efforts go some way towards making a difference to these all important causes, and we’re excited to see our first years’ progress!

If you are a charity or community organisation who is keen on getting involved with Love Giving, get in touch today and next year, it could be you!