‘I hate recruiters. There are too many of them. They’re all the same. What is the actual point in them?’

I know. They’re dicks…

I’ve said the same in the past.

That is, until I ended up becoming one of them.

Like most recruiters, I fell into it accidentally. Reluctantly I learned the ropes, assuming it would be a stop gap until a ‘better’ job came along.

But do you know what? Recruitment WAS better, than anything I’d done before.

The buzz of engaging with so many people, hearing my clients tell me that my candidates had exceeded expectations, that they were still there 1 or 2 years on and thriving. Some had even already been promoted or side stepped into something completely different.

Having my candidates tell me that they’d never been given so much support and encouragement in their job search. Watching them proudly update their LinkedIn, start getting special mentions on the clients review ratings online, and seeing them slot into a team they loved was by far the most rewarding thing I’ve achieved professionally.

Candidates and clients alike who had tried agencies before and hated it, told me that I’d been the best they’d dealt with and happily wrote testimonials. I had become the people I once relentlessly bad mouthed, but I was really f-ing good at it and generally, people LIKED me.

Then it happened, ‘the 9 month injury’. I faced a cross roads – do I go back to the targets, the KPIs, answering to someone else? Or, do I take stock of what I was good at and throw everything I have into making that something new.

And *poof* Love Monday was born.

I decided to be the approachable, honest recruiter I had been before, but this time all on my terms. I wanted to GENUINELY help people. I’ll go the extra mile in coaching good candidates in their job search, I’ll take time to work with a manageable portfolio of good clients, who I have a mutual and thorough understanding of – and I’ll do it WELL. No interviewing people just to get my stats up, no working with clients who don’t value how good I am.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY – I’ll give something back. I know you guys think recruiters are a bunch of money hungry @rseholes. You’re probably not all wrong. But me? I love what I do, I get paid for it too – but I’m not in it for the money alone. I’m happy, and at a very good time in my life. So, I want to help other people have the same.

How do I intend to do that? Love Giving.

I’ll charge a flat fee to my clients irrespective of the salary the candidate receives. Why should I charge you more for paying a candidate 65k instead of 60k? It’s the same level of work! Give the money to them when they over perform. Or better still, use me again when your business is doing so well you have to grow your team.

I’ll give 10% of all my fees (not profits) to a New Zealand charity. And I’ll let the best candidate decide who that is.

Lastly, I’ll donate time. I’ll liaise with local schools and find those who have students not willing or able to go into further education, and I will train them to succeed in their job search.

I don’t want to see another generation of despondent youths, who feel so fed up not seeing success or progress that they give up and sit on the sidelines watching others achieve their dreams. Or worse.

When Monday rolls around, I don’t dread it – quite the opposite. I want others to have that too.

So, contact Love Monday today, whether you’re looking for a new challenge in your Auckland career, or seeking a breath of fresh air to your team to help your business grow.

We look forward to hearing from you!