“Sweet! A recruitment agency!”

(said no one ever)

The Jobseeker Perspective 


Meetings, forms, background checks, testing…

We make you jump through so many hoops (if we actually get back to you, that is).

You do everything we ask, and then, like the sneaky little commission chasing ghosts we are, we’re gone.


The Client Perspective


For you, we’re on the phone, pestering you – constantly. If sandflies were people, they’d work in recruitment.

Sending you shortlists that are wildly off the mark…

Not to mention our fees – way too high. I mean… all we do is chuck a job description on SEEK, and hope for the best – right?


Our Perspective


We can’t argue with all of that, we’ve met some shifty recruiters in our time.

But that’s cool, cos it gave us some solid insight on how not to do things.

At Love Monday, we have a zero tolerance policy for; bullshit, false promises and cringey sales vibes.

And a 100% adherence to the ‘no dickheads’ rule.

We hate red tape and inefficiency, but we love delivering strong results on everything we do.

We’re problem solvers, people people, and people pleasers.

We strive every day to stay ahead of the pack, and stand out from the crowd.


So, whether you’re looking for that perfect ‘fit’ in a new role, or a new hire, we’d love to help you do the same.