Find a job with LinkedIn, instead of your mum

I've seen a lot of posts on Facebook recently with people's mums being like 'ohhh, my kid is looking for a job, does anyone have anything and I can drop in his CV'. 

We know she means well - but also, there are some really critical life skills to be learnt in job hunting and starting out in your career. There's nothing wrong with asking for advice or support from a parent - but I promise you that it will always look better coming from you. 

So today, I'm here to talk about… LinkedIn.

And despite that it gives off heavy old people vibes, how, or why you should be using it - or at least have a presence on it, for the sake of your career. 


You never know who you might ‘know’.

WTF does that even mean?

It means, that everyone you’ve known historically has - or will have, their own professional, social network. I'll explain…

We all start out on the same level. Same suburb, same school, same sports teams, same circle of friends, same parties, same part time jobs.

As we get older –  people go to uni, into employment, they go overseas travelling or whatever, they meet people.

Valuable people.

Them and the people they meet go on to work in, or manage teams in multi-million dollar businesses.

They join the HR team of your dream company.

They are the best man at your close friend’s wedding and they're about to take on new staff.

They are well connected and can introduce to you heaps of people in the area you’re looking for advice on to start your own business.

They work somewhere you'd like to work - and might get a $$$ kickback if they 'refer a friend'. 

Are you seeing where I’m going with this?

According to the University of Auckland Business School it is estimated that almost 50% of jobs go unadvertised. Do you know who is getting these jobs??

The people who network, cos people who network, know people. 

Do you know the best way to get to know people fast, or be found by recruiters...

A place where virtual strangers will be willing to engage in valuable conversation with you, and could be willing and able to assist you with your career prospects. 

Yep... you guessed it. 


Expanded Ramblings states that LinkedIn has an estimated 546 MILLION users. It has a geographical reach of over 200 countries. 3 million of those people share content weekly, content which can provide you with valuable information, and make visible to you (via your interaction) valuable people with shared goals and interests, or friends in the right places. And with an average of 400 connections per user, and 50,000 standard skills listed within those connections – the potential for introductions, career guidance or advice and most importantly for you, to find someone to hire you, are limitless.


LinkedIn and the elderly.

LinkedIn did used to kinda feel like it was only for old people and execs, because it’s been around longer than Facebook, and was full of old white men sharing articles from The Financial Times. 

It’s OG social networking. 

But with the arrival of TikTok, Snap Chat, Instagram and other platforms, social media is evolving exponentially; and LinkedIn has too.

You’ll see news on current events, socially and professionally relevant articles, critical thinkers, people who are actually really f*cking funny. And influencers who actually have ‘real’ jobs or tried/failed/succeeded in building their own thing.

You will have access to untold amounts of advice, from people who know their stuff (and some who don’t…that’s a given) – and it won’t cost you a cent.

But lastly, IT HAS A JOB BOARD. When you look at each of those jobs, it will tell you who in your network works there or might be able to introduce you to people.

It also has interview help, training courses in the form of LinkedIn Learning.

So it’s a no brainer.

Instead of getting your mum to post on Facebook,, and find you some local job for local people - get your hustle on, and go do it yourself.

The gains will be so much better. 

Connect with randos, personalise your messages… Ask for help and introductions. Offer advice, offer input, add value to conversations where you can – it even has gifs. So modern.

Don’t let the moany old bastards put you off telling you when things are for other platforms.

You do you.

Define your personal brand (or build it), let your vibe attract your tribe. 


You can even start by connecting with me, and following Love Monday!

AI, DIY and how to choose a recruiter

AI is coming – and it’ll change how you recruit.

With effective screening processes, slicker communication, no bias; finally – that ‘top talent’ will be all yours.

You’ll be so self-sufficient – and the best part? No more need for us pesky recruiters.

*laughs in villain* 


It’s been a while since I wrote some stuff, but lucky for you I have a wee break right now in between ‘just chucking ads on SEEK’ – so I thought it might be a good time to share some insights.


Firstly - AI - is already here (and has been for some time).

Even in the clunky, slow moving, beige world of recruitment we’re engaging ChatGPT, more advanced ATSs, video interviewing software, automated reference checking etc.

It helps us find people more easily.

Yes…there will likely be an impact on jobs in our sector – but rather than remove us from the picture, it’ll allow us to do what we do, better.

Without those admin heavy tasks – we’ll have time to focus on the ‘human’ part of the process, doing something AI will never be able to do for you*.

Creating strong, genuine relationships with real people. At a time where society craves authentic interaction more than ever.

Yeah, see - you forgot about the ‘attraction’ part in your plan to destroy us.

Cos, funnily enough, not every hire is made reactively from a SEEK ad, and candidate attraction is something not every business has the time, expertise or manpower to do - or do well.

And not every brand is as recognisable or sought after to work for as Google.


Personal Brand v Employer Brand


Now I know for a fact there have been times where I’ve been the less obvious choice for a recruiter. But the client still chose me.

... Why?

Because - me. My personal brand. And the info I presented when we met.

In my case (generally) I’m likeable, I don’t bullshit people and I make a point of trying to position myself differently from others.

So the ‘fit’ comes from the alignment of my personal brand, and their employer brand.

I deliver what I say - to the best of my ability and do my best work with/for people whose values mirror my own.


The same alignment needs to be considered of candidates when they’re considering their next employer.


It’s the marked difference that turns a passive candidate into an active one. Someone who doesn’t need a new job, but could be talked into wanting one. They’re the ones your SEEK ad won’t find.

You see, it doesn’t matter how much tech you invest in, in terms of AI for your recruitment processes.

In the end, it’s going to very much be about ‘you’.

Your brand, your reputation, your EVP, your comms.

How you market yourself and your roles.

And whether what you say, is the same as what the candidates see, as they meander through your process.

You might think you’re good at spotting a bullshitter, but I can assure you, a lot of candidates are equally as adept.


Ask them. But pick one.


Right, we’re all doing AI… and we’ve established loosely how the attraction piece works.

You’ve agreed not to cut us out of the family photos (yet).

So, how do you go about making sure that when you do opt to engage with a recruitment agency, they’re the right one for you?

How do you establish the one who can convey all the facets of your brand and your vacancies to the market, and convey it with finesse?



Ask them.


Ask them about their ads - ask to see examples.

Ask them how they invest in or present themselves on social channels.

Ask what they do to network and stand out. Cos if they stand out, you stand out.

Ask about recommendations from clients they work with - ask if they’d be happy for you to speak to them in person.


Ask about placements they’ve fought hard to get over the line.

Ask how they’ve won over a candidate who isn’t ‘in’ the market.

Ask them what they do differently, or better – and what they can do for you that you can’t do yourself.

Ask them what makes them such a good recruiter.


Our individuality and points of difference as consultants should now become crystal clear - blowing the divide between the good, the bad and the ugly to pieces.

If what they say feels beige and cookie cutter? Run.

But, if they make you feel optimistic, and convey information that make you feel energized about growing your team… imagine how that translates to a potential hire.

And remember, working with recruiters (especially ones you didn't brief properly) isn't a numbers game.


So... ask them. But pick one.


*I actually am a bit scared by AI and can’t promise that it won’t do this in future…


If you'd like a chat about how recruitment can be done with that finesse we spoke about, contact Carrie @ Love Monday.